The comical looking creature –wart hog has an over-sized head, 2 pairs of protruding tusks from the mouth curving upwards, with the upper canine teeth that grows to 25.5cm long, bristling mane and excessively long skinny legs, causing it to kneel down while grazing. Wart hog has a grey /black skin with coarse but sparse hair covering body, its fairly flat face is long with fleshy warts that grow on its face below the eyes that are set high on the head to enable the warthog to keep the lookout for predators while it lowers its head to feed on short grass. When threatened, it will grunt, lower its mane and flatten its ears and bolts for underground cover. Warthog has a good sense of smell and hearing though it has poor sense of sight. Male warthog is slightly larger than the female. Male weighs between 60kg to 150kg while the female weighs about 45kg to 75kg.

Wart hog is commonly found in open woodland savannah and is a wild member of the pig family scientifically known as phacochoerus africanus. Warthog is a pig that is able to live in an area without water for several months of the year. They are able to conserve moisture inside its body that might otherwise be used for cooling. Wart hog sleep in holes dug by other creatures since they cannot dig and when entering the hog back in, this enables it to defend itself in case of an attack. Wart hog allows birds such as the yellow horn-bill to eat parasites that live on its body. Wart hog lives in a group called sounders, the female and the young ones who are sometimes joined by other females. Males normally live by themselves, only joining the group to mate. Wart hog is a promiscuous animal both sexes will mate with more than one partner, the mating season varies by location but usually occurs at the end of the rainy season and female has a gestation period of 5-6 months, giving birth to 2 to 3piglets at the beginning of the next rainy season. Female will chase away the litter she has been raising and secludes herself before she gives birth. Wart hog reaches sexual maturity between 18-20 months Wart hog lives up to 18 years.

wart hog

Wart hog is a day animal and spends most of its time looking for food, being an herbivorous animal it feeds on grasses, roots, berries, and barks. While feeding the wart hog kneels on its calloused, hairy, padded knees to eat short grass. It also uses its snout and tusks to dig for bulbs, tubers and roots during the dry season.

Predators of the wart hog include lions, leopards, cheetah, hyena and crocodiles. Wart hog can easily be seen in Uganda’s savanna National parks of Murchison Fall National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.